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Clara Avrillier

Owner of ON IT Translations
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English (native speaker)




MSc Interpreting and Translating

CELTA (English teaching qualification)

Bachelor of Music (with Honours)

Individual member – Clara Avrillier

I have over 8 years’ experience in the language industry and have worked in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy. Originally an English teacher, I retrained as a translator and interpreter before moving to Brussels where I worked for DG SCIC (interpreting department) in the European Commission. Following this, I set up as a freelance translator and interpreter and started developing my network of clients. I continued to work as a freelancer when I moved back to France, where I now reside.

My passion for the property market inspired me to specialise in this industry. After undergoing training to improve my knowledge of both the British and French property market, I started building on this new information by translating documents related to property and construction.

My target clients include estate agencies and English-speaking individuals moving to France.